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Children & Young People

Children and young people can gain important physiological and psychological benefits if they undertake at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. These can include : Improved bone health Stronger muscles Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes Improved self confidence, social skills ...


Being physically active has a crucial role in ensuring health and well-being. It can offer physical, mental and social benefits.
Walking in the countryside

Older People

As we get older, it is important to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. The Chief Medical Officers recommend that older people should be doing 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week, being active on a daily basis, and ...
Activities for people with disabilities

People with Disabilities

There are lots of activities for people with disabilities in Solihull. If you can't find the information below please call us.
A strength and balance exercise class aimed at 60+ year olds

Health & Wellbeing

Being physically active is great for your health and wellbeing, and if done regularly will benefit you physically and mentally. It is also a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and make new friends.
Delivering Sport

Delivering Sport

Solihull offers many ways in which you can access a wide range of activcities and sports, availble for from leisure centers to parks and open spaces.