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Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aidThis course is ideal for basic life saving and emergency first aid. Tutors are able to come to your organisation/sports club and deliver in a venue of your choice. The courses are FREE of charge for volunteers working on Solihull Active projects or with sports clubs in Solihull.

  • Age range: 16+
  • Venue to be supplied: Room for maximum of 14 adults plus floor space for practical work
  • Minimum of 6 attendees and maximum of 12 attendees
  • Must commit to 6 hours of training

Included in the training is information on various life-threatening problems that you may be faced with. These include unconsciousness, dealing with breathing and heart failure, severe blood loss, choking, first aid kits, and basic regulations. The programme can be tailored to meet the requirements of the organisation or sports club.

Programme content

The programme consists of the generic knowledge and skills required of persons appointed to take charge of first aid arrangements.

These consist of


  • Resuscitation and care of the unconscious person
  • Control of wounded and bleeding persons
  • Contents of first aid kits
  • Common injuries in the workplace

Practical skills

  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation as applied to Adults
  • Choking as applied to Adults
  • Control of bleeding

You will receive a booklet containing all relevant information from the course. We would advise that you keep this booklet safe and use it to refresh your memory from time to time following the course.

Everyone that shows competence in delivering Emergency Aid will receive an Emergency First Aid certificate which is valid for a period of 36 months. This certificate is issued by Worksafe Training Systems who are approved to deliver First Aid training by the Health & Safety Executive.

Please Note: The content involves an amount of practical activity either simulating casualties or administering First Aid. You should therefore be able to kneel and lie down etc with ease. The performance of resuscitation can be physically demanding and may need to be performed for a period of many minutes in real life. Providing you are of average fitness this should not present any major problems.