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Strong & Steady

Strong and Steady is a new programme of strength and balance exercise classes. If you sometimes feel a bit unsteady on your feet, have poor mobility, feel quite weak or are worried about tripping or falling over then this is the class for you.

There is no age restriction, but classes are generally aimed at adults aged 60+. They are particularly useful if you have:

  • Difficulty with balance or mobility
  • Weak muscles or Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis / Low Bone Density
  • A history of falling or are afraid of falling
  • Cognitive Impairments (e.g. Dementia)

For more information and our local class timetable please click here.

Strong & Steady classes can help you:

  • Be more mobile and healthy
  • Carry on doing the things you enjoy & stay independent
  • Keep active, have fun and meet new people!
  • Improve your confidence & reduce fear of falling

Class Information:

  • Exercises work on mobility, stamina, muscle strength, balance and coordination.
  • Classes last for about 1 hour and cost £2.50 per session.
  • Suitable for all abilities, the exercises will be adapted by the instructor.
  • Exercises can be done seated or standing, with or without the support of a chair to hold on to.
  • Instructors are highly qualified and trained to deliver safe and effective classes.
  • If you have a health condition this will be taken into account by the instructor and exercises adapted to your needs.
  • You can take part at your own pace and build up slowly.
  • Plenty of support and encouragement is given by instructors.
  • All classes finish with a cuppa and a chat if you’d like to stay and socialise. Tea/coffee is offered at a reduced price.

Free from falls campaign information banner

Our Free From Falls campaign includes lots of useful information about how to live well, stay safe and prevent falls as you get older. Also, if you have friends and family members who you are concerned about then this information could help.

Our key messages are:

  • Health checks – regular eye sight tests, medication reviews and good footcare are important.
  • Strength & Balance – vital for people to remain independent and stay steady on their feet.
  • Tell Someone – encourage people that you know to tell their GP, nurse, pharmacist, friend or family member if they fall. Help and support is available.
  • Safe Home – many homes have a variety of trip hazards that can be simple to fix if you know what to look out for.