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Training & Development

What is PACT (Personal Attainment & Community Training) aiming to achieve?

  1. Increase participation by getting people “more active, more often”
  2. Learning of new skills for existing and new coaches/volunteers
  3. Widen access to sport and physical activity
  4. Supporting young people to access training, learning and development

* Eligibility for training and qualifications (you only need to meet one): 

  1. Volunteers and coaches delivering and/or supporting sports and/or physical activity sessions either within Solihull or for Solihull residents
  2. Professionals looking to develop new skills to meet the needs of their service users i.e. youth workers, police, care workers

Why choose our courses?

“An excellent course, good knowledge from the tutor delivered in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere” – Sports First Aid

Why coach/volunteer?

Coaching is a great way to express your passion for a sport and also be actively involved instead of standing on the sidelines.

In addition it is not only exciting and self satisfying but you can have a positive influence on people’s lifelong involvement in sport. It will also help you to keep you active both mentally and physically.

***NEW*** Workshops 2018-19

View our new timetable and to book online click here.

English Federation of Disability Sport Inclusive Communications Guide

Released in April 2014, this Guide supports providers to reach a wider audience, including more disabled people. You can download the Guide here or watch the animation video.