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Cancer Rehab Exercise

Cancer Rehab is a programme of exercise classes for people affected by cancer. Taking part in regular physical activity can help you throughout your cancer journey and aid recovery. If you are pre-treatment, undergoing treatment or have completed your cancer treatment, then why not try Solihull’s Cancer Rehab classes.

For people living with and beyond cancer, the advice is to gradually build up your activity levels to the health-related guidelines. Our CanRehab exercise instructors are specialists and will give you plenty of advice and support. They also adapt the exercises to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals.

For further information on how to join our classes please view our Information Leaflet

How Cancer Rehab exercise can help:

  • During cancer treatment regular exercise improves or prevents the decrease in physical function. This helps you to do daily tasks more easily, without increasing fatigue.
  • After cancer treatment being active helps recover physical ability to do daily tasks and function well.
  • During and after treatment, exercise can reduce the risk of cancer coming back and mortality for some cancers. Also, exercise can reduce the risk of developing other long-term health conditions.