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Get Started – Families

Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle so involving and encouraging your children to be active can be a benefit to you and them. Exercising as a family to can generate the following benefits:

  • You are helping to establish a lifelong involvement in exercise.
  • Spending quality time together being active can help create a bond within your family.
  • Providing extra encouragement and motivation – you’ll keep each other going.
  • It can create a shared interest amongst family members.
  • Parents can lead by example.
  • It is fun. Children love participating with their parents and sharing in the fun.

The recommended level of physical activity for a child is 60 minutes of activity a day although this activity doesn’t need to be done all in one go. They can do the activity in chunks of 10 minutes at a time throughout the day. The recommended level of activity for an adult is 150 minutes of exercise a week but again this exercise can be done in blocks of ten minutes.

Getting started isn’t a difficult as it may seem

  • Going for a walk can be a great way to get started, you could even pop down to the local park where you could have a kick around or game of tick.
  • Having a splash down at the local swimming pool is a great way to help with your fitness and an inexpensive way to get active.
  • Having a cycle can be a great way to have fun with the kids.
  • Children are more likely to get involved if they have had some involvement in picking so you could let your kids help decide what to do.

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Local oppourtunities for families in Solihull:

  • Walking – there are a range of measured walk routes in the Council’s parks.
  • Parks – There is a network of local parks around the Borough that provide access to a range of opportunities in addition to walking.
  • Swimming & Swimming Lessons – The Council’s leisure centres provide a range of opportunities for swimming and swimming lessons.
  • Cycling – There are a number of opportunities to cycle in the Borough be that on the network of cycle routes, on the cycle track in Tudor Grange Park, at a Solihull Wheels for All session for beginners and those who need support, or join a cycling club.
  • Eat Well Move More – For those families looking to make a lifestyle change the Solihull Active Team offer a 10 week weight management programme.
  • Other activities – There is a wide range of other sports and activities that are available round the Borough from archery  and aerobics to Yoga and Zumba and loads in between there is something for you to do, your children to do or you to do together.