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Funding Information

Funding amounts and restrictions vary between organisations so please make sure that you read the relevant guidelines carefully to see whether you or your organisation qualifies.


Funding programmes currently open

 Local Funding Solihull

Funding Resources & Factsheets

To support you in applying for funding, a list of key resources & factsheets is available to view below. Each link will provide you practical support and could provide you with inspiration when developing and writing about your project

Is your club fit for funding?

Clubs need to initially;

  • Identify if your club is ‘Fit for Funding’ – see below
  • Speak to members of your club and decide what project you would like funding for and get support from your club
  • Plan the details of your project
  • Identify if your project can hit any other agenda’s as well as sport
  • Identify other ways to generate income

It is important to check that your club/group meets the generic eligibility criteria and is ‘Fit for Funding’ before completing funding applications. It is also key to have a clear project plan and know what you want the funding for, how much funding you require and when you need the funding by. The most appropriate sources of funding for your project can then be clearly identified. The documents below will support you to do this.