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MS & Parkinson’s


If you are looking to find ways to stay active at home during this time, then please visit our ‘Stay Active While at Home’ webpage for lots of useful resources.

The MS Society and Parkinson’s UK also both have exercise videos on their websites/YouTube channels.

Weekly specialist exercise classes for people that have MS or Parkinson’s Disease are now available at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. Being physically active can help improve:

  • Mobility and posture
  • Balance and coordination
  • Quality of life and mental wellbeing
  • Physical fitness and muscle strength

For further information please view our MS & Parkinson’s Exercise Class Leaflet

You can contact Tudor Grange Leisure Centre on 0121 705 6371 to register and get started.


Exercise advice for people with MS:

In the past, people with multiple sclerosis were advised to avoid exertion. However, it is now known that regular moderate exercise is important to maintain general health and wellbeing. Many people with MS experience fatigue but this will not be made worse with the right type of exercise. Exercise builds up endurance and strength in muscles without increasing fatigue.

The attitude of ‘no pain, no gain’ does not apply in MS. Our local exercise classes will not push you to exhaustion, the exercises are adapted to your own fitness levels and capabilities.

Exercise advice for people with Parkinson’s:

Exercise is good for everyone and is particularly important for people with Parkinson’s disease. Muscles and joints tend to get stiff and rigid, but exercising regularly can help. The options of doing exercise either sitting, standing and/or lying down means that anyone can take part. It’s about finding the right exercises for each person.

Our local exercise instructors are here to help you keep moving and enjoying life to the full.