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On the Move Advocates

Why are we recruiting ‘On the Move Advocates’?

The Wellbeing Board aim to recruit On the Move Advocates, as part of the wider Solihull on the Move programme, to empower the workplace to move more in their working day, the evidence base between physical health and workforce productiveness is strong, and avoiding burnout is critical at this time.

The recent staff survey highlighted concerns and anxieties through the current pandemic and low levels of self-confidence, working from home has seen reports of isolation and low self-care i.e. sitting for long periods of time, limited breaks.

A growing body of research shows us just how important it is to combat inactivity; there are plenty of benefits to moving more in the working day. Regular movement can help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age; it can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy levels.

What does an ‘On the Move Advocate’ do?

On the Move Advocates empower their colleagues to be more active in their working day. The role is about encouraging a work environment that enables us to move more throughout our day, it’s about prioritising moving.

The role will be fairly informal. In fact, you may not even see yourself as fulfilling a particular role – you are just doing what comes naturally i.e. raising the awareness of sitting less and being more active, encourage engagement and participation in challenges, signposting to trusted sources of information and support.

Benefits for you in this role, might include:

  • The satisfaction of making a difference to people’s health
  • An improved profile within the organisation
  • The chance to learn some new skills
  • The chance to influence decision making on something you feel passionately about
  • Opportunities for training and/or skill development

Will advocates receive training and support?

Yes! We will offer virtual mandatory training to educate advocates provided by Solihull Active. As part of this 3 hour training advocates will:

  • Better understand physical activity and inactivity – what do we actually mean by ‘being active and moving more’?
  • Recognise the inactivity problem and how it got to where we are
  • Better understand human behaviours, how they can be changed, and how to apply it to your team
  • Understand how to Make Every Contact Count with your colleagues
  • Gain practical ideas to take back to your team and colleagues
  • Get access to a network of like minded advocates to share ideas, concerns and provide support

Advocates will also receive ongoing support, signposting to resources and will also be part of the ‘On the Move Advocate’ network who will meet regularly to share experiences and inform future activity.

Please note that advocates will not be expected to provide expert physical or mental health related advice, but can sign-post where appropriate.

What qualities/skills do advocates need?

Here are some of the qualities/skills an advocate might have:

  • Willingness to engage colleagues constructively and positively
  • Keen to spread the word
  • Able to empower colleagues to share their experiences
  • Good networking skills – an advocate knows lots of people in their organisation, has good rapport with people at all levels and has the trust of their work colleagues
  • Energy and enthusiasm – sharing with others in a supportive way
  • Being approachable and willing to help
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Time – the advocate is in a job that allows them, with manager’s approval, to spend a bit of time each week/month organising activities and events. Initial commitment a minimum of 6 months

How much time do advocates need to give?

The equivalent to 1 day (7.5 hrs) per month. This is flexible and can be taken in various ways i.e. a few hours each, 2 half days a month, 1 full day each month, with manager’s approval.

Additional to the 1 day per month:

  • Engagement in mentoring/supervision – 30 min per month for first 3 months
  • Attendance at quarterly advocate networking meetings – 1 hour per quarter

Recruitment Process and Timescales

  • Expression of interest deadline: Wednesday 9th December 2020
  • Informal discussions with those who expressed an interest: week commencing 14th December 2020
  • Proposed training dates: Tuesday 12th January 2021 1.00-4.00pm or Wednesday 13th January 2021 9.30am-12.30pm

Still interested?

Firstly, discuss/agree this opportunity with your line manager. Then register your interest by answering the following questions in an email and send to Sadie at [email protected] by Wednesday 9th December 2020

  • Tell us why you would like to become a Move More advocate (max 500 words)
  • Tell us of any qualities/skills you have that would benefit this role, with examples (max 500 words)

For an informal chat on the role please call Sadie on 07717 320583.

Please note that we are initially engaging 15 On the Move Advocates.