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We’re all now spending a lot more time at home and that means it’s getting harder to keep active.  We have put together some ideas and tips to help you get active at home, if well enough. And if you’ve found a great way to keep active online, use the hashtag #StayInWorkOut on social media to share with others.

Increasing your physical activity levels is becoming more important as modern life has become more sedentary.

Can you build more physical activity into your everyday life? If so your health could benefit as well as your body physically, your state of mind and general wellbeing. Most importantly it can be great fun and an opportunity to meet new people. Find your ideal activity and be more active, more often!

Solihull Girls Can

Solihull Girls Can is a project aiming to increase women’s participation in sport and physical activity. Fear of judgment is stopping many women from taking part in physical activity.

Health & Wellbeing

Being physically active is great for your health and wellbeing, and if done regularly will benefit you physically and mentally. It is also a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and make new friends.

Active Places

Looking for the right place to get active, whatever your activity, there is a sports centre, leisure facility, park or open space or gym in Solihull to get you up and running.


Our volunteers are at the heart of sport and physical activity in Solihull; they play a pivotal role in encouraging and supporting people to get involved, and stay involved, at all levels.