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Run With Us

COVID-19 Update: Due to guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK and protecting older people and vulnerable adults all group running activity has ceased. We will continue to update our website and social media channels regularly as the situation changes. For up-to-date information about the current UK situation please see the GOV.uk guidance page.

The best plan for running right now is to go out for a solo run or with one member of another household (new guidance on spending time outdoors) and enjoy the outdoors, in non-crowded areas. Here is a few top tips to take into consideration during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Try timing your run for when you know the roads/paths/parks will be less crowded
  • Getting in 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to brisk activity can help your immune system keep viruses at bay
  • Follow exercise etiquette i.e. don’t spit, moving out of the way and say thank you, carefully plan you route avoiding canal paths and narrow walk ways, look, smile and say hello, you could be only person they have seen all day
  • Enjoy Solihull’s parks responsibly
  • If you’re sick or at-risk of spreading the virus, you shouldn’t go out—the bigger concern is spreading it to those who are at high risk, such as the elderly or immunocompromised

Missing running with others, losing your motivation?

England Athletics have some great resources for you and your family to get/keep running throughout this time, take a look:

  • Embrace the world of virtual running challenges and competitions
  • Running webinars
  • Expert interviews
  • Top tips and advice on health and wellbeing
  • Athletics at home for 11+ year olds including home challenges

Why run?

Running / jogging is for everyone and is most fun when shared with others. Whether you want to lose weight, train for an event, or simply enjoy exercising with friendly people whilst exploring your local area, our page offers something for everyone. Get active your way.

Running has a range of physical, mental and social benefits which include:

  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Promotes strong bones and strengthens muscles
  • It helps you to feel energised and improves mood
  • Improves Cardiovascualr fitness
  • Its free!

Most new runners start out using a run/walk technique because they don’t have the endurance or fitness to run for extended periods of time. There’s no need to worry about what level you are at, as you can work at your own intensity.

Running and jogging for beginners

General tips for beginners:

  • If you are over 40, overweight and/or have any chronic illnesses, it is best to see your doctor before you start a running program
  • Start by brisk walking and aim for at least 30 minutes per session. Gradually, over 6 weeks, build up to regular running.
  • Make sure you warm up and stretch throroughly before heading out and cool down with light stretches on your return
  • Make sure you have plenty of fluids and take a water bottle with you on your run
  • Allow a minimum of two complete rest days per week to avoid overtraining.
  • Try other low impact activities at least once a week to reduce impact on your bones, muscles and joints
  • Plan your route – GB Mapometer is a great free tool for this
  • Buy an appropriate pair of running trainers
  • Wear appropriate clothes for the weather conditions – including high visability clothing when running in the dark

Why not try Couch to 5k – a week-by-week description of the 9-week programme can be found here, ideal for beginners and helps you track your progress

Thinking about running, want to run – what group is right for me

  • The Big Run Project is dedicated to helping people just like you to reap the benefits of running, offering Couch to 5k social running groups in North Solihull. Ideal for absolute beginners.
  • Mums on the Run – If you always fancied being one of those women/Mums that just chucks on her trainers and heads out for a run, but aren’t sure where to start, Mums on the Run Club is a good place!
  • This Girl Runs Solihull – local, fun & friendly run club for beginner & improver runners. Our clubs are NOT competitive, we are passionate about helping ladies who are beginner runners to get into their local parks & community to learn to run.
  • RunTogether RunFit Shirley – Have you always wanted to try jogging but never managed to make it a habit? Whatever your reason, YOU CAN go from walking to running 5K non-stop. Find out more on facebook @RunFitShirley
  • Realbuzz Solihull 5k Social Run – The social run is a 5k run around the local area and all abilities are welcome. It is completely FREE! Just be there and ready to run. No one gets left behind. Find out more by calling 0121 745 6007 or follow on facebook @birminghamrunner
  • Brueton parkrun – Weekly Free 5km Timed Run every week on Saturday at 9am. Please come along and join in whatever your pace!
  • Babbs Mill parkrun – Weekly Free 5km Timed Run every week on Saturday at 9am. Please come along and join in whatever your pace!
  • Kids Run Free – create free, fun and sustainable outdoor running opportunities for toddlers to teens.
  • GoodGym Solihull – helps you get fit by doing good. We’re a group of runners that combines regular exercise with helping our communities. Get started today.