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Road to the Olympics – Every step counts!

With Spring nearly upon us the ‘On The Move Advocates’ have an exciting new challenge that you and your colleagues can get involved with in March!

We, Solihull Council employees, will initially be walking to Tokyo, the host of this years (postponed) Olympic Games*. This is where we will try to walk the equivalent of the 8355 miles from Solihull to Tokyo. Each week, the ‘On the Move Advocates’ will add up how far we’ve walked and add it to a running total until we reach 8355 miles (the equivalent of approx 16,710,000 steps)

* thereafter various Olympic locations across the world.

Need some motivation?

To help motivate us to do this challenge we thought it would be nice to link our efforts to fundraising for the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust. The trust was established by Solihull residents Carol and Evan Grant after their son, Cameron, took his own life in 2014. They hope that they can make a difference in the numbers of young people suffering with mental health issues and improve outcomes for all sufferers.

We have set up a Total Giving page where donations go straight to the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust here.

To find out more about The Cameron Grant Memorial Trust please visit their website here.

NB. Fundraising is not compulsory to take part in this challenge.

How to participate in the challenge

  • Get in to a team of 2, 3 or 4
    • A team of 2 will be the equivalent to a ‘Marathon Runner’
    • A team of 3 will be the equivalent to an ‘800m freestyle swim’
    • A team of 4 will be the equivalent to a ‘Canoe Sprint’
  • Nominate a team leader
  • Team leader to register the team here as soon as possible (it doesn’t matter if you are late joining we would love you to still take part)
  • Find a way of tracking how far you’ve walked. You could use your smartphone, a pedometer or fitbit or just measure it on a map. Some useful FREE apps include Strava, MapMyWalk and Pacer
  • Go out for a walk around your local area on your own, with members of your household, or with a single friend/colleague in line with government regulations
  • Team Leader to email your teams steps (individual and team overall) using our pro forma (TBC) and send to [email protected] on Monday morning each week in March (first submission will be Monday 8th March)

What next?

Each week the On the Move Advocates will tally up how many miles we’ve all done together, input it to a map, and figure out where we are on the route and share this with you all via our ‘Road to Olympics Newsletter’

We will include in the newsletter a list of everyone who has contributed…along with:

  • Bronze ‘virtual high fives’ for everyone achieving 5000 steps each day
  • Silver ‘virtual high fives’ for everyone achieving 7500 steps each day
  • Gold ‘virtual high fives’ for everyone reaching 10,000 steps each day
  • and even a leader board of the people/teams who have walked the furthest each week!

Prizes are also up for grabs in the form of a £15 gift voucher Mountain Warehouse for:

  • team with the most steps each week and at the end of the challenge
  • individual with the most steps each week and at the end of the challenge
  • team with the most improved number of steps each week and overall
  • individual with the most improved number of steps each week and overall

Additional to this we will be making available weekly top tips on getting creative whilst out on your walk and some pointers on how to increase that daily step count, these will all be found on our closed facebook page Road to the Olympics – every step counts join the group now!